September 25, 2012

Jane Iredale Eye Steppes in goBrown

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try Jane Iredale's Eye Steppes, a unique collection of shadows tailored to suit your eye color. Though I have bluish green eyes, I was drawn to the colors in the goBrown shades. Very few pressed products pass my ingredients standards, but these sets have jojoba oil, pine bark extract and pomegranate extract for binders instead of dimethicone. 

EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush

Though I'm a bit dissatisfied with the bronzer I wrote about in my last post, I'm a huge fan of the brush I use it with. I'm convinced that EcoTools' Bronzer Brush is the absolute best beauty product you can find at the drugstore. Why?

September 11, 2012

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Bronzing Powder

Though fall is approaching, I'm still totally stuck on bronzers. I want the glow year round, so even in the dead of winter you'll find me reviewing them. So with that said, here's another bronzer review!

I've had my eye on these Ecco Bella FlowerColor Bronzing powders for quite some time. Ecco Bella is one of the few companies that makes pressed powders without any dimethicone, and their products are available on many natural websites including Vitacost and iHerb.

After I went through two entire containers of Everyday Minerals bronzers, I was excited to order the two Ecco Bella bronzers, Hibiscus and Sunflower. They both come in textured square paper/cardboard compacts that are actually very sturdy. They have a nice sized mirror inside, and close securely with an elastic band. I love this packaging, it is unique and practical. The powder itself comes stamped with "EB," which I think classy touch. In my picture, I've worn away the stamp on the Hibiscus color, but you can still see it on the Sunflower color.

Though I was quite excited about the presentation, I'm actually pretty disappointed the colors of the bronzers. Neither are quite the right tone to mimic a natural tan. The Hibiscus color isn't quite deep enough, even for my pale skin, and lacks the reddish tone that looks like a natural tan. It's almost a bit peachy. Sunflower is much deeper and orangey. Perhaps they'd work on some skin tones, but I think there are better colors out there. Because the shades aren't quite right for me, I probably won't repurchase these, unless they came out with some new colors.

Since I'm not so pleased with this product, I actually just ordered each color of the Silk Naturals bronzers. I have high hopes for these; they make dupes for two of my favorite mainstream products: Benefit Hoola and bareMinerals Faux Tan!

Price: I got mine for $14.27 on Vitaglo. This isn't my usual site for buying products, but Vitacost recently raised their prices on Ecco Bella products, and the bronzer costs $17.18 for Sunflower and $21.48 for Hibiscus. (Note to Vitacost: bring the price back down!)

IngredientsMica, kaolin, cornstarch, magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, sweet almond oil, lecithin, flower wax coated iron oxides, vitamin E, aloe vera extract, green tea extract.

Disclosure: Contains affiliate link for Vitacost.
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