April 30, 2015

April Empties

April has been another good month for empties. I basically went on an informal no-buy; I only purchased shampoo, conditioner and bar soap. I realized I have too many products all over the place that really need to get used up before I get any new ones. I'm actually loving being on a no-buy and will probably continue this until my stash is pared way down to the minimum! As for empties, last month's lot was all body care, while this month I actually have a bit of everything.

April 21, 2015

Kari Gran Lip Whips: best lip balm ever?

I have so many lip balms. I really do. Yet among the all the tubes, I keep reaching for pots of Kari Gran's Lip Whips* ($15 for 7 mL). These products are serious contenders for my holy grail lip balm. They have simple ingredients, yet feel so luxe and elevated at the same time. Is $15 a little ridiculous for a lip balm? Probably. But is this product really that good? I'm surprised to say yes!

April 17, 2015

Andalou Naturals Hand Creams: my current obsession

Let me introduce you to my current obsession: Andalou Naturals Hand Creams. These tubes of goodness helped my hands through the cold winter weather, but even as it starts to hit 80 degrees, I'm still benefiting from their goodness. I first bought the lavender hand cream because it was on sale at iHerb for only $3.99, and I liked it so much I bought the other two scents. Then, with my luck, the other two actually ended up going on sale for the same price. Needless to say, I think they are worth it either way (but the clementine and lime blossom scents are still on sale!).

April 15, 2015

The Kari Gran Skincare System

Kari Gran is a company that projects elegant simplicity. The skincare line consists of only three products that are designed to work for any skin type: a Cleansing Oil* ($30 for 100ml), a Hydrating Tonic* ($35 for 100ml), and an Essential Serum* ($60 for 30ml). The products boast organic, wildcrafted ingredients, and come in understated black bottles that protect the products from light damage. I put all three of their skincare essentials to the test.

April 6, 2015

Interview: Marie Veronique

When it comes to high end skincare, one of my top brand picks is consistently Marie Veronique. Her Everyday Coverage is a fantastic multitasking base and sunscreen, and her Treatment Oil was the key product in helping me get over a yearlong bout of persistent acne. Marie has been busy releasing a whole new line of products in her Pro Collection, and she's also starting a new watchdog organization called The Natural & Organic Monitor. I had the chance to interview her about this new project, plus get the scoop on some of her favorite products.

What spurred the idea for the Natural & Organic Monitor?

Seeing companies who knew better take advantage the public trust. It’s pretty infuriating. All a company has to do is claim it is “natural,” and somehow this translates into “safe” and no one questions whether their claims are based on fact or are just part of an overall marketing ploy.

April 3, 2015

Badger Face & Body Soaps: Moroccan Mint + Rose Geranium

This blog might be in danger of becoming Bar Soaps by Mary B. We go through a lot of soap around here, and I just love trying new brands and scents. I've already sampled so much of Badger's line, but I thought it was about time to give their soaps a go. They make six varieties, and I tried out the Face & Body Soaps in the Moroccan Mint and Rose Geranium scents ($5.84 each for 4 oz).

April 1, 2015

March empties

March has been a great month for empties! I haven't been purchasing many new products, besides the essentials, and I'm in use-up-everything mode. Does anyone else know that push-pull feeling between wanting to be an organized, streamlined minimalist, but also wanting to try absolutely everything? I guess using up products is my way of working towards that. This month everything I went through is body care, and I have full reviews on almost everything already. Also, FYI, I am skipping March favorites this month because my favorites are pretty much the same as the past couple of months.
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