September 19, 2015

August + mid-September empties

You may have noticed that I've been pretty absent from blogging for the past several weeks or so. That's because I started medical school in August, and I have so much more free time than I used to! Just kidding, I'm studying all the time. Do you know how much you study in college in the week before one of your big exams? Being in med school is like that, but constant. Even though it's rough at times, it's also really, really exciting to finally be here.

As you might know, one of the first classes in med school is gross anatomy, in which we have to dissect a cadaver to learn about the detailed structures of the body. I was surprised how fast I got used to being in a room full of dead bodies, but the formaldehyde used preserve them is probably the worst part. Every time my tank mates and I open up a new cavity, the chemical burns our eyes, and when I come out of lab I wreak of it. I get home as quickly as I can to scrub off the smell, and for that reason, I've gone through a ton of shower and cleansing products lately. The rest of my routine is certainly more simplified than it's been in the past, but I still do my makeup every morning, and try to keep up a skincare routine. Spending a little extra time with beauty products can be a nice little escape from the daily grind of med school. Here's what I've gotten through in my last month and a half or so:
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