April 29, 2016

Alaffia Facial Serums

It's amazing how much simpler my whole beauty routine looks than it was a year ago. Being busy on a whole new level certainly takes up some of time that used to be allotted to skincare and makeup rituals. That said, I do manage to get mascara, powder foundation and eye brow cream on my face on most days, and of course that needs to come off at night. That's where these Alaffia Facial Serums ($9.95 each for 0.5 oz) come in. 

The name "serum" is a bit of a misnomer, because what these really are are pure, simple, hand pressed, fair trade moisturizing oils that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients for your skin. The three varieties available are Baobab, Melon Seed and Sesame Oil. Alaffia recommends Baobab for extra dry and mature skin, Melon Seed for dry and combination skin, and Sesame for normal to oily skin, but they're really more multi-functional than anything. I love these because they are viscous enough to remove mascara, nourishing enough to be used on the eyes, and still light enough to be used all over my face. Using these pure oils made it easy to cut back on my nighttime products, which is great when I really don't feel like putting a lot of time into cleaning my face.

The scents of all three are quite nutty, and of course the sesame oil has a distinct scent that does make me think of Korean food (a cuisine that utilizes it heavily). Alaffia's new-ish packing and design is beautiful, and makes you feel like you are getting a more expensive product. As mentioned earlier, this brand is fair trade, and provides economic opportunities for women in African communities. I love this brand for that alone, and always feel great about purchasing their products. 

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  1. Lovely post and photo, those oils sound really nice and it's always great to find a new ethically conscious brand!


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